Best Free Virus Removal Software

With so many computer virus programs out there it’s hard to know which one is the best. Some programs will remove viruses but slow down your computer, while others will come with extra features like firewalls. So which one is the best? More importantly which free virus removal tools are the best?

When it comes virus protection the best programs are the ones you pay for. This is due to the complexity and how tightly integrated these programs are to the Windows system files. The best part of most virus removal software is that even the paid version like Eset or Kaspersky (the two best programs on the market) is that they have free removal options on their websites.

Top 3 Free Virus Removal Software

Microsoft Security Essentials – Microsoft has finally listened to its users and as a result they have created the best free virus removal program available today. It uses a minimal amount of resources but scans very quick. It runs great for new computer users because it can run quietly in the background without bothering the user. Testing this anti-virus program was great and without fault and it catches more viruses with less false positives then any of the other free programs. Security Essentials is a winner for all users, personal or business, who don’t require any complicated features.
To download Security Essentials Click Here

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition – AVG has grown into a one of the most used virus removal programs in the world. It does a great job at automatically updating and running in the background with minimal interruptions. Unfortunate, AVG uses a lot of system resources and as a result it can slow down your computer. The scanner is also pretty slow, but it does have a user friendly interface.
To download AVG Click Here

Avira AntiVir Personal Edition – Not many people have heard of Avira’s anti-virus program but that hasn’t stop the company from producing a great program. I like this program because it detects at an incredible rate and it runs very fast. The user interface is simple to use and it provides some nice features spyware and rootkit detection. Sometimes there are some problems with the updates due to the Avira servers but in general it is a great virus remover. I have to say that if you’re a computer newbie you might want to stay away from this program as there are some quirky things about it.
To download Avira AntiVir Click Here


If you want the efficiency of the major commercial anti-virus programs but don’t want to paid for them, then try our the Free Online Scanner that are provided. The best free online scanner I use is the Eset NOD Online Scanner which is available Here.