Best Free Spyware Removal Software

Spyware is everywhere these days. You can get from emails, music, pictures, images on websites, toolbars, Facebook and more. There are no safe places any more so we should be prepared to deal with computer spyware. There are dozens and dozens of spyware removal programs on the internet. Some are free and some are paid but how does the average person know what program to chose.

In this review I will show you the best spyware removal software available. The best part is that they are all free. All the spyware removal reviews on this page have been tested by myself and many other people so you can be sure that these are the best available. Let’s get started.

Top 3 Spyware Removal Software

ComboFix – This little program is a must have if you have to remove stubborn and hard to remove spyware. The program is easy to use once you’ve done all the proper preliminary work and the success rate is awesome. If you haven’t run a spyware program in a long time I recommend people to use this powerful remover first and then use the below programs to finish off the job. ComboFix is great at deleting spyware but it won’t remove it from your computer’s registry.
To download ComboFix Click Here

Malwarebytes – I like this program because of the effectiveness of it’s scanning tool. During my test it seems to be the most accurate at finding spyware or malware on the system and then it lets you decide if you want to delete it or not. This is my top overall pick best it’s easy to use and it scans really quick. It also gives you the option of doing a quick scan or a full computer scan. If Malwareytes offered free real-time monitoring then it would be perfect.
To download Malwarebytes Click Here

Spybot – This use to be the one and only spyware remover on the market and it was on best at removing most of the spyware available on the internet. As the years have gone by Spybot has lots it place as the top removal program as it doesn’t pick up all the spyware on your system. The main reason I recommend this program is because of the real-time immunization option it has. Other spyware removal programs make you pay for this feature while Spybot still offers it for free. The immunization feature is a great way to protect yourself from the most common spyware out there so you don’t have to worry about it. The one thing I recommend user to do is to not install the TeaTimer feature as it’s very annoying.
To download Spybot Click Here