Free Disk Imaging Software

Why would someone use disk imaging software? It is the best and only way to backup all your files, programs, operating system and personal settings from your hard drive. Another reason people or companies use disk imaging software is the ability to quickly build a new computer system in about half an hour. It is also a very handy tool when you hard drive is full and you want to upgrade to a larger drive. Whatever the reason free disk imaging software is a much have for any body who works with computers.

There are two different ways of imaging an entire disk; you can either boot from a CD or USB stick and clone the drive, or you can ghost the drive directly from the operating system. The benefit of using the boot disk is that if your hard drive ever fails or the operating system is corrupt then you can still image the drive, whereas, the online versions can only be used while Windarchangelartifactsows is running.

When it comes to choosing between free or paid cloning software the answer is simple. Try the free versions first and if they are working out for you then keep using them. If you’re find that the free software is complicated and not user friendly then spend the money and get the paid ghosting software. Also, just because a piece of software is free that doesn’t mean that there is no product support. In fact, the”>Cheap Pandora Charmsre is usually a knowledgeable and active community of people that support the free versions. So start downloading these great tools and breath easy that your data is safe.

Best Free Disk Imaging Software:

1. Clonezilla
2. Macrium Reflect Free
3. DriveImage XML

Best Paid Disk Imaging Software:

1. Acronis True Image
2. Norton Ghost
3. Paragon Drive Backup

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