There are always a group of questions that we keep receiving so we thought we would include them here. Make sure to read this FAQ page before you send us a question.

What does the Difficulty Level mean?
This indicates how difficult it is to perform the repair. Some computer fixes are easy and require no tools while some repairs require specialized tools and take a long time to perform. This indicator is on every repair tutorial to help our visitors understand what is involved.

What does the Repair Cost mean?
This indicator lets the visitor know what the repair will cost if they took their computer to a local repair shop. Using this tool will give people a better understanding about what each fix will cost so they can make the decision whether to take the computer to a local repair shop or do it yourself.

What if I have more questions about a certain repair?
If the repair tutorial didn’t fix your problem or you just need more information then you can send us your questions through the the Repair Questions page.

Why are your repair tips sometimes different then others?
Our repair tips might be different because there is more then one way to fix a computer issue. We have used the methods described on this website hundreds of time for hundreds of clients with a very high success rate, but I can’t guarantee that every tutorial will fix your unique issue.

How can I trust that your repair tutorials are good?
Hundreds of clients have trusted us in the past so you can feel safe that we know what we’re doing.