How to Disable User Account Control in Windows Vista

In this tutorial I will show you how to disable the User Account Control in Windows Vista. User Account Control (UAC) was developed by Microsoft as a security feature to stop any unauthorized access to system files. While in theory this feature is a smart move the reality is it gets really annoying after a while and it can even stop some programs from functioning properly. For the computer newbie UAC has only caused worry and confusion and the for advanced Vista user UAC just gets annoying. Although I will show you how to disable the User Account Control, I don’t recommend disabling it for ever. It is a security feature in Windows Vista so only disable it for temporary reasons. Let’s get started.


1. Find the Start button and click it.

2. In the search box at the bottom of the Start Menu type in “msconfig”, without the quotation marks, and then press enter.

3. Now click on the Tools tab and search for the Disable UAC option which is located near the bottom of the list.

4. Highlight the Disable UAC option and then click the Launch button.

5. Once you click the Launch button the command prompt screen will appear telling you the command was performed successfully.

6. Close the command prompt and all other windows and then restart your computer. When you system restarts the User Account Control will be disabled.


– Do not disable UAC unless you are experiencing some issues with your computer. It is a security feature.

That’s it! It’s really that simple. We hope the tutorial “How to Disable User Account Control in Windows Vista” using Windows Vista has helped you with your computer repair issue.

You can watch this tutorial on video by clicking the play button below. For the full screen version click the second button from the right on the video.


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