How to Disable a Program from Startup in Windows 7

In this tutorial I will show you how to disable a program from starting up in Windows 7. Most computers from the big manufacturers include extra software and tools that really slow down the computer because all these different programs are setup to start when Windows starts. Of course the more programs running in the background means more CPU and RAM usage and that is why those extra programs slow down your computer. There are also other reasons for disabling a program startup like if you need to troubleshoot a computer error or problem and you want eliminate what program is causing the problem or if you have some spyware on your system and you want to remove it from starting up. Disabling a program from starting up is a really handy trick to know so let’s get started.


1. Click on the Start button and in the search box type in “msconfig” and then press Enter.

2. Now the system configuration windows will appear. Select the Startup tab and then you will see a list of all the programs that are automatically set to startup when Windows 7 starts up.

3. Un-check all the desired programs that you don’t want to startup or press the Disable All button to disable all the programs. When you’re done selecting the programs press the Apply button and then OK.

4. Once you hit the OK button you will be asked to restart your computer for the changes to take effect. Press Restart and let the computer restart.

5. When the computer reboots and you see your desktop a System Configuration message will appear stating that there have been some programs blocked from startup. Just check the box Don’t Show This Message or Start System Configuration When Windows Starts and press OK. Now you’re done.


– Disabling a program from startup doesn’t remove the program from the computer. It only stops it from automatically starting up with Windows. To fully remove the program you must go to the Add/Remove Programs window and remove the software there.

That’s it! It’s really that simple. We hope the tutorial “How to Disable a Program from Startup in Windows 7” using Windows 7 has helped you with your computer repair issue.

You can watch this tutorial on video by clicking the play button below. For the full screen version click the second button from the right on the video.


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