Compressed Air

One of the most common causes of computer hardware failure is heat. The most common can of excess heat is dust build up in your computer case. A lot of computer parts like the hard drives, CPU’s, video card’s (GPU) and power supplies radiate a lot of heat which is normal but when dust starts to clog the cooling fans or insulate hardware then the temperature in the case can rise drastically. This high heat environment will cause the computer hardware to fail

That’s where a can of compressed air can really come in handy. Cans of compressed air cost between $5 – $10 and are an excellent way to blow out the dust from your desktop or laptop computer. Make sure that the can of compressed air comes with a straw so you can get into the hard to reach areas of your computer. When using the compressed air be careful not to get too close to the capacitors, transistors or pins so you don’t accidentally bend or damage them. Also, be aware that if you hold the trigger of the can for too long the can will become really, really cold. If that happens then let go of the trigger and wait 10 minutes before using the air again.


– Do not use a vacuum to clean out the dust from your computer as the vacuum can create electro-static electricity and damage your computer’s motherboard or components.

– Do not use any water to clean the inside of the case as water will harm your hardware


Compressed Air

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