How Much Does it Cost for Virus Removal

Hours of Labor: 2 Hours

Average Cost: $80 – $120

The process of virus removal is most of the time very easy and rarely does it get too hard for a computer repair shop. Of course it depends on what type and to what extent the virus has infected the computer but on average the cost that computer repair shops charge is two hours of labor, which would be around $80 to $120. If you the technician knows what they’re doing then they can safely remove all the viruses from your system without damaging any system files. Very rarely, in extreme cases, a fresh install of Windows will be require if the repair tech doesn’t know what they’re doing and deletes some system files.

When should you get your desktop or laptop computer cleaned by a computer repair shop? One indicator is if your anti-virus program finds a virus but it can’t permanently delete the virus. This can happen when you have a ineffective anti-virus program (like many free programs) that aren’t smart enough to delete the virus. Another sign would be if you have a rootkit virus. Rootkit virus are nasty and infect a lot of Windows system files and usually can’t be deleted easily. In both cases I would get your system into a computer repair store right away.

Before you get any repair work done on your computer make sure to tell the shop to call you with a quote before any work is done. Also, make sure to backup any important files before you take your computer for repair as the technician might have to do a re-installation of the operating system (Windows XP, Vista or 7) or they might delete some files from your computer. It’s always good to be prepare.

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