Computer Technician

Job Title: Computer Technician

Job Salary: $25,000 – $40,000

So you’re interested in becoming a computer technician. Well before you quit your day job and start training for a career as computer tech you should read this. This job is suited for people who don’t mind doing the same thing most of the time. Usually, 80% of the computer problems are common and easy to repair while 20% of the problems are difficult and more exciting to figure out. This lends itself well for people who don’t want a stressful working environment but it’s still stimulating enough to keep it interesting.

When it comes to educational requirements for a computer technician there really isn’t a must have degree or certificate. Usually smaller repair shops don’t care that much about whether you have a degree or certificate, while larger repair shops or IT organizations want to see either an A+ Certification or some MCSE Certifications. This is really the type of job that you can learn everything on the job even if you don’t know anything. A technical aptitude would be a definite necessity if you’re planning

So what are the benefits and perks of working as a compute technician? One of the best perks are buying computer parts at a discounted rate (usually wholesale cost). Another perk is being the go to person for computer repairs when your family and friends need help.

What are the long term prospect of this job? Well, computers aren’t going to go any any time soon and computers will never run error or problem free so working as a computer technician is definitely a long term job if you stay up to date on all the latest technology. I hope this little description help make your decision a little easier and as always if you have any questions then let me know.