Memory – RAM

Computer memory, commonly refereed to as Random Access Memory or RAM, is a form of computer data storage. What separate RAM from a hard drive is the fact the data can be stored anywhere, randomly, with RAM so transfer rates are much higher then a mechanical device like a hard drive. Also, memory is used to temporarily store data and make it easily accessible by the CPU so that a computer can performed many tasked at the same time, at a faster rate. Basically, the more memory your computer system has the less times the processor has to read information from your disk drive. Having more RAM is like having more arms, a person can get a lot done at the same time if they had ten arms instead of two. So you’re the type of computer user that likes to run several programs at the same time then having lots of RAM is necessary.

In general, memory is very reliable and some manufacturers even offer a lifetime warranty on certain sticks. Even though they are incredibility reliable memory modules are susceptible to static electricity and power surges so make sure to always handle RAM with care and always plug your computer into a surge protector or UPS.

How does RAM differ from each other?

There are a three different types of RAM; DDR, DDR2 and DDR3. Each type of RAM can also be classified by there different speeds. The speed of RAM is one of the most important aspects to pay attention to when purchasing memory as the faster the frequency the faster the RAM. There is also another type of RAM that is primarily used in workstation and servers and it’s called Fully Buffered and Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory. This type of memory is more expensive then regular RAM as it detects and corrects any errors automatically without any impact on the application.

If you’re new to buying RAM then you might a little overwhelmed by all chooses available. To help you out the first step is to find out what type of RAM your system can use and then go online and purchase your RAM from a trusted computer website. If you don’t feel comfortable with purchase online then head over to your local computer shop buy it from them. Then you will have to learn how to install the memory in your desktop or laptop computer. To help start your search we have listed the top 3 RAM manufacturers, based on reliability, below to further help you decide.

Best RAM Manufacturers:

1. Crucial
2. Kingston
3. Corsair

Picture – Desktop Memory:

Desktop Memory

Picture – Laptop Memory:

Laptop Memory

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