Identifying Computer Parts

In this quick tutorial I will show you all the major computer parts in a desktop computer. In the video we will identify each component so you can feel more comfortable working and talking about computers. Every system is different so if your computer looks different then the one featured in the video then don’t worry. It’s normal. Let’s begin.


Central Processing Unit (CPU)

CPU fan and heatsink


Memory (RAM)

Video card

Hard drive

Power supply

DVD drive

Case fan

PCI express (PCIe) slot

PCI slot

IDE controller (slot)

SATA controller (connector)

CMOS battery




That’s it! It’s really that simple. We hope the tutorial “Identifying Computer Parts” has helped you with your computer repair issue.

You can watch this tutorial on video by clicking the play button below. For the full screen version click the second button from the right on the video.


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