Hard Drive

A hard drive is a storage device that stores information on the computer. The hard drive is where the operating system, programs and files are located and therefore becomes the most important component in the whole computer system. There are three main types of hard drives (IDE, SATA and SCSI), and each drive is easily differentiated by its connectors. There is also another type of hard drive, called a solid state drive, but it uses a completely different technology then the above mentioned drive.

To understand how hard drives work is important because it will help the user make better buying decisions when choosing a hard drive. Basically, if you open up a hard drive case you will see some platters that look like discs. On one side you will see some reading arms with heads at the end of them. The way a hard drive works is like a vinyl album works, the platters spin a high speeds while the reading heads move back and forth over the platters. Now that you know the basic design of the drive you will appreciate why the drives will fail eventually over a long period of time.

So what separates certain hard drives from others?

Firstly, the rotation speed of the discs is a major different between drives. Most drives today are either 5400 rpm, 7200 rpm, 10,000 rpm and 15,000 rpm. The faster the rotations per minute the faster the hard drive will function. The second difference is the connection type. Older drives use the IDE connection method, while newer drives use the SATA connection method. If you want the fastest connection method then you will be looking at the SCSI hard drive. The other difference you will find between hard drive are some extra features like NCQ, low powered drives and cache size. Of these extra features the most important is the cache size; the bigger the better.

Buying the right computer hard drive is pretty easy in today’s market and the buyer can’t really “mess up” because there are only two major players now. Both Seagate and Western Digital make reliable products and it usually comes down to price and availability as the key decision making factors. To help start your search we have listed the top 3 hard drive manufacturers, based on reliability, below to further help you decide.

Best Hard Drive Manufacturers:

1. Seagate
2. Western Digital
3. Hitachi

Picture – IDE Hard Drive:

Computer Motherboard

Picture – SATA Hard Drive:

Desktop Motherboard

Picture – SCSI Hard Drive:


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