Computer Motherboard

A computer motherboard is the foundation from which all other computer components connect to. It is the main circuit board full of integrated circuits (IC), capacitors, buses, sockets and more. The motherboard enables communication between all the other computer parts and usually features some basic components like a video port, USB ports, keyboard and mouse, ethernet port and more depending on the motherboard. Computer motherboards can come in a multitude of sizes and features depending on the application.

The most important features on the motherboard is the speed of the buses and slots. You always want to get the fast bus speed available for our motherboard so you can support the faster CPU. The slots are important because they will determine what type other computer parts you can connect to the board. Some of the standard slots on a mobo are memory slots, PCIe slots, PCI slots, SATA connectors, IDE connectors, CPU socket, power supply connectors and various pins. There are many more fine details regarding a mainboard but these basics will help the beginner get started installing or replacing a board.

Picking the right motherboard is sometimes a complicated process because of all the options available to consumers. The first step would be to find the processor you want to use and then find a compatible motherboard. From there you can find a compatible case and go from there. The single most important quality you want from a motherboard is reliability because they are under a lot of stress during operation and as a result fail frequently. To help start your search we have listed the top 3 motherboard manufacturers, based on reliability, below to further help you decide.

Best Motherboard Manufacturers:

1. Asus
2. Intel
3. Gigabyte

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Computer Motherboard

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Desktop Motherboard

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