How to Setup a Wireless Router

In this tutorial I will show you how to setup a wireless router so you can connect via wireless to the internet. With the cost of laptop coming down so much it’s not uncommon for a household, or even one person, to have multiple computers. Since those computers need to have internet access, why not use a wireless router. The benefits of setting up a wireless router are numerous but the best part is the feature of getting internet access any where in your house with no cables. With the speed and reliability of wireless router increasing more and more people are switching to this method of connection. The most common mistake that new computer users make is that they don’t secure the router with any type of encryption. I will show you how to set up the SSID and encryption and the best part is that settings it up is quick and simple so let’s get started.


1. Make sure that your wireless router is turned on and your computer is plugged into the LAN port of the router.

2. Now open up your favorite internet browser and in the address bar type in the IP address of the router. The IP address for D-Link routers are usually and Linksys routers use Refer to the owners manual for the default IP address of your router. After entering the IP in the address bar press Enter.

3. After pressing Enter the login screen will appear. Type in the username and password of your router and press Enter. Again, refer to the owners manual for the login details.

4. Now that you are logged into the router you can begin to setup the wireless router. Depending on your router and firmware number the location of the settings will be different. I will be using a D-Link router for this tutorial.

5. Click on the Wireless button. Now you will see all the options for the wireless connection. The first thing to do is the enter a SSID for the router. The SSID is just the name of the router so you can recognize it when you search for a network. Once you’ve typed in the SSID then move on to the encryption.

6. Next step is to setup the security type for your wireless network. For the average user I would choose WPA2 Personal with AES encryption. This setting is the most secure at this time and most new laptops and desktop are compatible with this setting.

7. Once you’ve selected the security type you must select a passphrase or security key. Always select a difficult passphrase because it will harder to crack then a simple one. Also, you’ll only have to input it once on your computer so you don’t have to worry about memorizing it.

8. Review all the settings and then press the Apply button. After pressing the Apply button your router will reset. This process can some times take 30 seconds so just waiting for the router to tell you it’s done saving the settings.

9. Now unplug the network cable from your computer and the router and connect to the router via wireless. You’re done.


– The SSID will be broadcast, by default, to anyone within network range so don’t be too personal with naming your router.

– Before buying a router make sure that your computer is compatible with the wireless router.

That’s it! It’s really that simple. We hope the tutorial “How to Setup a Wireless Router” has helped you with your computer repair issue.

You can watch this tutorial on video by clicking the play button below. For the full screen version click the second button from the right on the video.


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