How to Install a Laptop Keyboard

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In this tutorial I will show you how to install a laptop keyboard onto a laptop. Laptop keyboards are fairly simple devices and they rarely stop functioning on their own. There are many different types of laptop keyboards in the market and as a result people have to do their research when finding a replacement. Even if the keys look the same the connector on the back might be different and won’t fit into the slot. A lot of people like to replace their whole keyboard even if they only have one or two keys missing because sometimes it’s easier to replace the whole keyboard then just a few keys. The cost of laptop keyboards is fairly cheap so a lot people will replace their keyboard before they sell their laptop just to make it look nicer. I’ll now show you how to install a laptop keyboard.


1. Flip your laptop upside down and find the screws that are connected to your keyboard These screws are usually marked by a keyboard symbol so they’re easy to find. If you don’t see any keyboard symbols then there aren’t any screws from the bottom of the laptop. The screws will be under the top panel above your keyboard.

2. On some models you will have to also unscrew the screws holding the top panel because you will have to remove the top panel first before you remove the keyboard.

3. Now place the laptop right side up and open your laptop lid. Find a little notch or hole and use a pointy metal tool to gently lift the top panel above your keyboard.

4. Once remove you should be able to see if you laptop keyboard has any screws holding it down. If there are any screws then remove them now.

5. To remove the keyboard gently slide the keyboard towards the screen and lift up until the keyboard comes free from the case. Be careful not to pull too hard as this could rip the keyboard ribbon out of the connector and damage it.

6. When the laptop keyboard is freed from the case then find the ribbon connector and very gently use your pointy tool to press down on both side of the connector until the ribbon comes out from the slot.

7. When you have completely removed the keyboard place it aside and grab your new keyboard and insert the ribbon cable into the slot and secure it by pushing up on the connector tabs.

8. Place your keyboard back into position and make sure that all the side properly placed under the case.

9. If there were screws then screw them back into the holes and then replace the top panel of the laptop.

10. Make sure all the remaining screws are screwed back in and then start your laptop. Now your done.


– Be very gently with the laptop keyboard ribbon as it is a flimsy piece of plastic that can bend or bread easily.

That’s it! It’s really that simple. We hope the tutorial “How to Install a Laptop Keyboard” has helped you with your computer repair issue.

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