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At Free Computer Repair we feature tones of FREE tutorials teaching people how to repair and upgrade their computer. All our computer repair tutorials feature in-depth instructions and media (photos, videos or screen captures) to help you diagnose and fix your problem. We provide repair guides for all the major computer manufacturers like HP, Dell, Acer, Sony, LG and more. In our computer repair tutorial we will share with you years of experience of fixing computers in a easy to understand, step-by-step manner. At this time we only provide support for the following popular operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

FREE Computer Repair Tutorials

So if you’re looking for Computer Help but don’t want to spend any money then search this site and be amazed at how simple it is to fix your computer. When you’re desktop or laptop computer is acting up or completely not working then free computer repair is just what you need. We are committed to providing up to date tutorials that will always be free, so make sure to tell your friends about us.